Alex Blanco


My Contributions:

  • UI
  • Page Layouts
  • Forms
  • Admin Notification Emails
  • Customer Notification Emails
  • Navigation*
Old Layout
Old Layout

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group
Web Site Redesign

I was tasked to create the page layouts and UI for the new site. A few of the improvements I could make would be a more easy to scan layout, visually grouped content and more consistent look and feel.

The Challenge

The redesign was focused largly on the look and feel of the site and not so much on the copy, tone or voice, so reducing the amount of text was not possible. I would need to create a way to organize large blocks of content while being easy to scan, show hierarchy and relation. The UI would also have to be easily customizable to match the child site's styles and branding.

The Solution

I created a design that was easy to scan and had clear visual hierarchy and grouping. The H2s are red to stand out for people scanning. The H3s and their content get grouped into a white container.


This page could be much shorter and much easier to consume if the content was broken down into bullet points so the potential dealer viewing the page has more time to look at the amazing prints or to start the dealer process.

New Layout

Sign-Up Forms Improvement

Business relationships usually start with a friendly handshake and introduction. The old forms felt like they just wanted to suck information from you and add you to the list for the robo-callers.

A Solution:

Since a handshake isn't possible on the web yet, I thought a sign up form that felt more like an in-person conversation would be a great way to make a positive impression at this point in the user journey. There's a nice greeting and the form asks how you want to be contacted. I think the form is more pleasant to complete and hopefully creates the feeling that you'll be treated like a human being not a number.


I would have liked to reduce cognitive load and the form height by only using the absolute necessary inputs, but the business did not. I decided against best practices and used the input placeholders as the labels to reduce the height of the form. The labels will come back if the data shows too many bounces or extended time on the page. We shall see.

Old nav

A Solution?*

The nav is not being considered for a redesign at the moment but if it were, this is what I would propose. As a new employee I found it hard to understand the products and their brands so the users must have been feeling the same way. I mentally broke the products down into segments based on their function or their true category. This way you can dive right into Counters or Table Displays and learn about the similarities and differences of the products in the same context.

A better nav?


A user can quickly get a good idea of what the company has to offer with the new nav. They immediately know what each category holds and should have a good idea of where they want to dive in. I thought some of the categories on the old site would make great secondary nav items. Experienced users are already familiar with them and new users have more options of drilling down.