Alex Blanco


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Orbus Exhibit & Display Group

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My Process


I want to know who I'm designing for and waht problem I'm solving. What's the context? I like to review research, check out the competition and if possible, do some research myself. I like to have a plan and a goal, that helps to keep the design stage focused.


I'll sketch, share with the team, take feedback and iterate from paper to wireframes, to mockups of increasing quality and accuracy until we've got near perfect prototypes to start getting real user feedback.


I've got front-end web development experience so I can work closely with developers, BAs, PMs and everyone else involved in the SCRUM/AGILE process.


Quality assurance is the last line of defense for the user's experience. I've created test scripts, observed user testing, reported bug and sat at a desk with 15 different devices making sure the users get the maximum experience possible.